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Tito S2k

  • Full Name: Domingo Antonio Morel Diaz
  • Nickname: Tito JDM
  • Location: Dominican Republic
  • Photographer : Christian Rosario
  • Model: Nayheli Arias 

Make: Honda

Model : S2000

Year: 2003


This is my third car, I have 9 months with my s2000, starting from the bottom,  to where this today.  I’m loving the jdm and stance and i like doing both combination:  jdm parts with stance, the car originally Japanese RHD but previous owner did the  conversion to LHD.


Why or when do you find yourself driving slow?

Driving slow because if you can appreciate the detail and charm of the vehicle,  but one day in the right place and time can go hard ” lol”.


What do you prefer function or form?

Rather have a little of both, I do not looking for  to be exaggerated, I’m looking for to be simple and clean.



  • AP2 Front bumper
  • AP2 CR Front Lip
  • AP2 Rear bumper
  • AP2 Taillights
  • OEM JDM AP1 headlights
  • OEM wing
  • Low pro aero sides splitter
  • Mugen Carbon fiber Hood by SEIBON
  • Carbon fiber Trunk by VIS



  • F20C JDM
  • Mugen header
  • Invidia cat back
  • Cusco Oil Catch
  • Custom intake with HKS filter
  • Racing clutch
  • Cusco front strut bar



  • Cusco 7 point roll cage
  • Bride Cuga Seats
  • Black takata seat belt
  • Bride door panels
  • Bride arm rest
  • Bride carpet



  • D2 Racing RS Coilover



  • Work Cr Kai 18×9.5 +20et all around

_MG_8594 (1)

Future plans:

I always like to do new things, but I do not like to talk about my plans for the future because I want to surprise, all I can say is that I will not sell my s2000 for now, while I have my car will always have new parts.