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Tuner Evo Daytona 2016 Coverage

Tuner Evo, I have to say this event was well worth the wait.  The promoters had FL on edge for a while telling us how great of an event to expect.  Well this is my take on the entire event.  From the morning roll-in the instructions I believe were very clear.  If you wanted to park together, roll-in together. So that’s exactly what we did. I don’t understand FL car enthusiast sometimes, as we waited for our group outside the venue we noticed many car owners just making the process a lot more difficult. They were so excited to get inside that they lose all notion of the directions given by the event preparers. This then causes a long line of cars and people getting pissed-off for not getting in the show timely.
I personally like outdoor shows, why? I guess because we live in FL and have some of the best weather/scenery. I mean people do pay thousands of dollars each year to come here to experience FL. Also I think indoor shows typically all work out the same.  Mostly because of the known limitations of the venues people choose. There was rain that day the event being indoors worked.  However, you can’t have FL without rain or sun in the same sentence. The Daytona Ocean Center was a good venue choice and I loved the modern feel it had. It reminded me very much of the Orlando Convention Center that Clean Culture used.
Alright, so we all met up and began the roll-in process. Yes, I was a little tired from trying to get ready the night before.  It was a two and a half hour drive to this venue whiles pulling an all-nighter. Upon the roll-in I must say having some of the largest vendor displays like Toyo and Continental were impressive. Having some cars parked in the middle of some rows was a great use of space.  So we were fully setup around 10am.  The show was from 12PM-8PM. It was a LONG day.
It was clear that promoters wanted to give everyone enough time to get settled in. Maybe even leave walk around Daytona and come back.  However, being a vendor it was more than a 12 hour day which was new to us. I figured the way the events work up north it gives everyone plenty of time to do these things because mostly everyone either lives near or plan to spend the weekend.  The difference here in FL everyone plans to go to a show the same day and head back the same day, coming from the top or the bottom of the state.
Tuner Evo and staff are welcomed back into the state of Florida based on mostly positive feedback and I’m sure with making a few tweaks this event has great potential.  If you haven’t went it’s very much like a Wekfest with a little more entertainment. Someone said, it’s much like an oldschool HIN having all the models and stuff.  Making this event a little shorter and better acoustics would help. I believe sometimes it was hard to hear the guy on the mic. Which, by the way I like how they narrate the event but it defeats the purpose if no one is listening or the person cannot be heard. There was a bit of break dancing but I didn’t see it. The models were refreshing; some were even in our shirts. Dope!
Tuner Evo, was the first event that we’ve rolled out our Photography Pool. Lafa was fortunate enough to cover this event and we compensated him for his work.  We strive to grow with photography by using photographers that will deliver a consistent look. There will be many more opportunities for coverage and even features.  More information about our photography pool will be presented in a few weeks.

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