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Tuner Evolution 2015 Coverage

Turner Evolution was a great event. I just got my car back from paint and I was given the opportunity to be a booth car for Takata so of course I was there. The morning I got there everything was smooth. The Staff was great and everything was well planned. Whoever selected these cars did well, they were clean and plenty of variety.

This was the type of show that housed a little bit of everything. You had your dance battles all the way to the RC drift going on. The DJ was great! The music was on point! She was by far one of the best djs I have heard in a while. The dancers did their thing and brought a big crowd around with their wild moves on the floor. There was also a bikini contest and a few raffle giveaways. It was a great event that didn’t make you tired for being there after the first hour because there was always something good going on. The vibe was good and there was a really friendly feel around the crowd of people there.
-Ron V.