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Turbo Mugen Si

Full name:Jorge Negron-Burgos
Location: Reading, Pa
Photographer: Jeffrey Martinez

Being a Mugen owner myself I enjoy looking at the hard work put into making this look sexy. Glad to see Jorge keep the USDM front and not convert it to the JDM front. The JDM front is sexy by all means, just think the complete USDM Mugen front fits this car perfect. YES, Jorge is running BBS caps in the center of a XXR many people will notice. I would of left the BBS caps off but it’s not my car. As long as the owner is happy with his build it doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about it, to be honest it’s his car and he can build it how he see’s fit.

Honda only did 1000 of the 2008 Mugen Si. Many people assume they are numbered to the extent like the Type R, they are just random picks from the production line. They came with the Full Mugen Aero Kit, Mugen suspension, Mugen Cat back, Mugen quick shifter and the Mugen grill. Thats what makes them differ from the basic Civic Si. Mugen means “Without Limit”, or “Unlimited”, (hence the commonly placed word “Power” after, denoting “Unlimited Power”). Another way I explain it to most people is; TRD is to Toyota, like SVT is FORD. Mugen is to Honda in the same aspect. Enjoy taking a look.


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