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V2Lab’s 2nd annual Mystery Meat

Cars, traffic jams and people every which way you looked. If you were privileged enough to make it to last years event you know that this one destroyed last years “MEAT”. Last year was a free for all, although it worked it self out surprisingly well. This year was like a controlled madhouse. Very well organized and although for the most part the Mystery of the event was that no one knew anything (Not even the vendors) about it till about 3 or 4 days before it, you could tell there was a lot of planing behind the scenes. There are very few events that I’ve been to that I can say I was too tired to walk the whole thing. This was one of those. Eye candy everywhere from Donks to Racecars to Showcars. Everyone seemed to get wind of the event and to put it lightly there aren’t many people that don’t know what the Mystery Meat is anymore. Both West Coast or East Coast (AS FU#K ;)). I want to thank Ravi and the rest of the V2lab crew that helped organize the event it was a great event.

Photos: Jeff Littlefield
Words: Erick

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