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Wanna Go Fast Coverage

The overall event was great success with a great vibe most of the day . I was very glad this event came down to Florida. It brought people from all over the country. Just from looking at peoples plates i saw tags from CA,NY,NJ, and MT which where just a few that I can remember. It was a mixed crowd of all ages, and everyone was going nuts as they watch the cars go down the runway. The food was also on point as they did a good job picking food trucks. They also had very good staff members running the event. It was and event to remember and I will be
looking forward to the next one. It was good to see the car community showing each other love. As people showed plenty of love and empathy when the black Lambo went down, you could hear the crowd say, “hope he’s ok over and over again”. WannaGoFast gets my vote as a great event here in 2015 so far!

Words by Ron.