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WekFest West Palm Beach 2015

Wekfest 2015 was a fun experience for us here at iLDS. We got a chance to hang out with our staff and faction members. It was the week after our winterfest event so it was definitely good for us to be on the other side of an event. (Not running the show) I must say West Palm is a dope city. It’s very clean and has a great night life. We took a moment to drive around town and check out some of the bars. We ran into simply clean and a few others holding it down out there that night.
This was the second year that Wekfest was able to grace us with their presence. We’re very thankful for the love they show to us each year they come to FL. They always reach out to ensure our dates don’t conflict and make things work. I believe this is big, as Florida has constantly been on the map for out of state event promoters. I Mean, our state is one of those states you can plan to do an event anytime between Sep-Dec and not worry about snow or inclimate weather. So it’s good to see different automotive cultures that flood the internet come and present us what they have to offer.  

The overall event was packed. I would say this is a good thing but as for next year I think they need a bigger location. There were some very stunning builds there. It was good to see some of the south Florida builds. I swear there are some gems down there. I mean, the overall show wasn’t bad they did as best as they could in a convention center. I personally feel that this event would thrive outdoors. This is the only way to see the true beauty of Florida. Another thing that seemed to brew this year was the wek fest organization getting a taste of the Florida politics. It’s true, our cars are different some aren’t on the level of builds that grace other parts of the county. However, we have a distinct culture. We all know our lanes and have a “KEY” level of respect for those of position in our community. When someone comes into our state and doesn’t pay homage to our success or hunger to get there, then this becomes a problem. We’re a community that shares the platform. Trendy builds, (Hella, Camber, Stance, or whatever you want to call it) Grassroots builds, (drifter, drag, street, track, and etc.), and up and coming builds. It’s one thing to not get picked to be a part of a show here in FL as we’ve been learning to cope with as more and more shows hand selects their show areas. However, being selected and getting belittled for not delivering as expected is one thing people here in FL will not tolerate. I would say there are two things you can do with feedback. One would be take it and let it pull you down, or the other would be to use it and have it build you up.  
It’s clear that the Florida Car Community is diverse as a host myself I understand that it’s impossible to please everyone. However, I do know here in 2016 we will bring something to the table better than we’ve never done before. We have dope rides in FL and will show the world!