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Winterfest 2015 Coverage

Winterfest was a blast we got a chance to do something in our city that I believe should be respected. We had over 2500 individuals in a location that in the future well fit many more. Our staff was able to deal with everyone on leveled basis. We did give away some cool prizes thanks to our vendors and sponsors. However, I wasn’t too impressed by the amount of toys- for-tots we collected. That will be a bigger initiative next year for sure. I believe in all efforts of fairness the “best of” type of show got under the skin of many and we are in the works to revamp that. The dance jam was too live! Big thanks to those guys for rocking the event. Also thanks for those that were very respectful to our staff and the staff of the Fairgrounds. As we’ve gotten our feet wet, we have many tweaks for 2016’s event and I’m proud to say we’ll remain in Tampa at the FL State Fairgrounds.

As for those interested in numbers we had a little more than 550 show cars many of which were pre-registered. These people saved themselves a ton of money and aggravation. We also saw the confusion as people didn’t read the show car signs and got shuffled into the spectator’s lot. Many of these little issues will be sorted out for next year’s show. After all, we were blessed with great weather and we couldn’t ask for better. Everyone was well mannered; there was the occasional 2 step or the occasional loud music. However, to that Porsche that caught on fire wtf bro. It’s alright we took care of your water tab.

Moving into 2016, we plan to attend more out of state events. It’s very important to us to spread our safe driving message around the country. We are presently working on a 7/9/2016 Summer Vibe event here in FL. As well Winterfest 2016 which is going to be 12/10/2016. Other than our own events, we hope to see you in California. We also know that we will see everyone at Import Alliance GA on 03/19/2016. We at iLDS would like to wish everyone a happy holidays and a safe and prosperous New Year!

With love, With Respect,