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iLDS Winterfest Coverage Part II

This was my first WinterFest, both as a spectator and as a member of the iLDS Staff, and let me just say, its was a crazy day. Wake up time was three am to get ready for the three hour drive from Jacksonville to Tampa. Thankfully the weather was awesome all day, and I knew as soon as I pulled up to the airport that it was going to be a perfect day to shoot. The variety in the Fresh 100 was awesome, saw a lot of new stuff and a lot of some of my favorites. To me, it’s good to see people making trips to be seen at different kinds of shows. Especially with so many brand specific shows nowadays.

Obviously, there were some complications during the day. As a photographer, I don’t know specifics, but I’m thankful for the people who kept their cool, I’m thankful for the fans who still came out and had a good time, and dealt with the craziness. And the people who aren’t giving up on us after things outside of our control happened. But despite all of that I still have a great time, and I know the people I went with did as well. Some days you have to make your own sunshine.

WinterFest was my last show of the year, so until Euro Tripper this February, this will be my last event coverage. I was extremely happy with the cars that came out, it was good to see familiar faces and meet some new ones. I cant wait to see what’s in store for WinterFest next year. On to bigger and better, and I know it’ll be just as good a time as it was this year.

By: Steph Allyne